A service oriented company that prides itself in being a provider of high Quality ALL TYPE OF LAB REQUIREMENT solutions to every customer, no matter how small or large. Our core value is a continual focus on meeting the needs of our customers with the right product and extensive fully comprehensive backup service.


TOTAL TECHNOLOGY  based in Lahore, having Branch offices in Islamabad and  Peshawar,  dealing with all types of Laboratory /Analytical/ Research equipments. We’ve earned a reputation of being a company that has been providing excellent products & services to all of our valued clients.

Our Company’s strategy is to direct our skill and expertise to every one of our customers, providing each with all type of Lab Requirement solutions to suit their needs. We are in the business of creating customers and relationships.

Company Brief

TOTAL TECHNOLOGY, has been working in the capacity of Agents, Importers and Stockiest in Pakistan dealing with ALL types of Analytical, Research, Scientific, Technical, Medical/Biomedical and Engineering Instrument/ Equipment. We are authorized representatives of world reputed Manufacturers/ Suppliers of Analytical, Research, Scientific, Technical, Medical/Biomedical and Engineering Instrument/Equipment. Having business background of 20 years in this field, we are providing best services to our customers.

Total Technology

A sales and service oriented company which is actively involved in the marketing of State of- The-Art Laboratory, Scientific, Quality Control, Environmental Monitoring & Water/ Waste Water Testing instruments and equipments, in the field of Analytical Chemistry covering
Both organic and inorganic, Life Sciences, Environmental/ Air / Water Monitoring, Pharmaceutical industries and other laboratory instruments.

Total Technology

Has been working in the capacity of Agent/Representative, Importer and Stockiest in
Pakistan dealing with all types of Analytical Instrumentation. We are authorized
Representatives of world reputed Manufacturers of Analytical, Research, Scientific,
Environmental Monitoring & Water/ Waste Water Testing instruments having business
Background of more than 20 years in this field, we are providing best services to our
In addition to these, we also cover sales and service of instruments required by Petroleum, Energy/Power Plants and Textile industries.

Total Technology

Provides extensive service capabilities for troubleshooting and repairs of analytical and
Research products, by our highly qualified Service Engineers. These services are available
On both annual contract and ON call basis.

Professional Services

Extensive services and resources to meet your professional requirements and Expectations.

Support And Maintenance

We appreciate your business and will help you to obtain maximum value in your technology
Investment and any sort of your Laboratory/ Quality control requirements.

Solutions For New Labs

TOTAL’s new lab solutions cover every aspect of the new lab start up process, from
Integrated product packages to complete turnkey projects. Our Business Managers can
Help you to determine the solution that best meets your needs.

Training Services

Training experts can help our customers/ end-users to optimize results, work better, faster And more effectively


We have the experience of preparing complete requirements in the shape of Projects Medical and Engineering Colleges, Universities, Scientific Research Institutes, Quality Control Laboratories and large Hospitals

Engineering / Maintenance Section

We have a team of qualified and foreign-trained engineers who have been trained and certified by our Principals to install and repair their equipment. Besides this, we also have engineers for routine servicing and maintenance work.
The selected engineers are sent abroad for training at the facilities of our Principals. This
Continuous flow of engineers for training helps in maintaining a healthy service team and up-to- date Knowledge with the new Product line.